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LANTRAX™ North America Logistics eliminates the day-to-day stress and worry of trying to manage your own shipping. When you hire LANTRAX™, you get a team of professionals working for you, at no additional cost. Our Assured Service Guarantee is our commitment to you, our client, and guarantees prompt deliveries without the hassle.




  1. ACCURATE COST QUOTE – Once we know what you need, Lantrax will search for the best shipping solution, at the best price, and provide it in writing.


  1. CERTIFIED CARRIERS – Lantrax only works with qualified, insured carriers who meet Federal Carrier Safety Administration Compliance and Safety Ratings.


  1. DOUBLE CHECK before DISPATCH – Once you approve our quote, Lantrax will confirm every detail of your shipment, with you and our carrier of choice, to eliminate any potential problems. Then, and only then, do we issue a load contract.


  1. REAL-TIME TRACKING – Lantrax shipments are tracked throughout the day and you are updated as they travel from point A to point B. We identify and correct issues before they become problems.


  1. AUDIT before INVOICING – You pay exactly what you were quoted, unless there were changes to your load. Lantrax audits each carrier’s invoice before you get our bill.


  1. EXCELLENT SERVICE– Lantrax is your shipping partner and available whenever you need us, at no additional cost. Should an issue arise we will resolve it quickly and with a positive attitude.

LANTRAX™ North America Logistics.  Worry-free Delivery. Anywhere.

“We sweat the details.  You don’t.  All you pay for is the cost of shipping.”