LANTRAX Supports Rotary At Work


“I was very pleased when Company President, and Rotarian, Rod Wainwright (Langley Sunrise) brought the Langley Association for Community Living to my attention when seeking outside labour for a project.

Personally, I have a son with Cerebral Palsy, so I was very excited to know there is an organization like this. I was even more excited after meeting and working with Jeff and James. Many times in the past I have hired outside labor for various projects and I was never sure what to expect. Quite often, it was obvious from the start why these people were not gainfully employed.

It was wonderful to have two people genuinely excited to work. They picked up the work quickly and got through a big task with ease.

What a great program, I will definitely be calling when I have another project.”

Erica Walker – Warehouse Manager



Rod, Erica and James

Rod, Erica and James

Lantrax Logistics Ltd has recently been acknowledged as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, in large part because of the leadership of long-time Rotarian, Rod Wainwright. Rod was also voted Langley Business Person of the Year in 2014, and has been an inclusive employer in the past.

In October of 2015, he also showed his support for hiring people with disabilities, and his commitment to community, by being the Gold/primary funder for the first Rotary at Work BC Employer Recognition.




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