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About Lantrax Logistics

LANTRAX™ North America Logistics is a Canadian-owned company specializing in over-the-road and intermodal freight logistics, warehousing and distribution services throughout North America. Founded in 2003 by Rod Wainwright as a third-party freight brokerage, LANTRAX™ finds you the best shipping rates using the most efficient methods and reliable carriers for your products.


Our team of Canadian shipping experts have over 100 years of transportation management experience in domestic Canadian trucking. We specialize in trucking from the USA to Canada and trucking from Canada to the USA. We work for you, at no additional cost.


LANTRAX™is not a trucking company. We are a freight broker serving clients throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Canada and the United States of America. As a non-asset based, value-added service provider, we act as a freight consultant. We are connected to over 20,000 carriers serving North America to and from Canada and the United States.


Unlike trucking companies, who only want to fill their own fleets, LANTRAX™ operates under an understanding ensuring, “We sweat the details. You don’t. All you pay for is the cost of shipping.” We select the best equipment for the job, every time, and provide guaranteed service.


Fill out our online form or contact our Lantrax Sales Team at 1-877-513-5876 to speak with one of our Service Advisors about our core logistics services for your truckload and LTL shipping needs. Lantrax can provide dry vans, temperature control, flatbeds, step decks, double drops and other heavy haul and industrial hauling equipment.


As a corporation, making money and profit is a given, but how we conduct ourselves is important. Lantrax’s core cultural values are the principles by which we conduct business with our customers, our vendors and each other.



Our service is built on trust. Our clients trust us and in return we make the best decisions to move their freight quickly and efficiently every time. Honesty and integrity are our driving force.


As a team, we rely on each other for support and serve our clients by solving their problems. We bring a positive attitude to every situation and our clients know they can rely on our “can-do” spirit.


We are logistics experts who specialize in moving freight efficiently for our clients. At every point of contact we are professional, regardless of the situation. 


We accept responsibility the moment we are in receipt of your order. We are accountable throughout the entire process and will neither deflect nor avoid our obligations. We identify and correct issues before they become problems.


Team members use their knowledge, experience and the tools they are given to satisfy the needs of our vendors and customers, while achieving our company goals as defined in our mission and vision statements.


We are in business for one reason: providing exceptional service to our customers. We come to work to fulfill our client’s logistical needs, no matter what.


LANTRAX™ Worry-Free Delivery

Worry-Free Delivery™