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Core Logistics Services

Solving Your Freight Logistics Problems

LANTRAX™ North America Logistics finds you the best shipping rates using the most efficient methods and the most reliable carriers for your products. As a non-asset based transportation provider, we act as your freight forwarder and are connected to over 20,000 carriers serving North America to and from Canada and the United States.

As a third-party, Canadian-owned, freight brokerage firm, LANTRAX™ specializes in over-the-road truck and intermodal freight logistics, warehousing and distribution services  throughout North America.

LANTRAX™ is not a trucking company. We are a freight broker serving clients throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Canada and the United States of America.


Dry Van

When weather protection is essential for trucking your ground shipment, turn to a  Lantrax Service Advisor  to find the best dry van shipping anywhere across Canada or from the United States to Canada with cross border coverage. Don’t forget to ask about our team driver service for expedited truckloads. Learn more about Lantrax Dry Van service.



Got an over dimensional and overweight load? Flatbed is often your shipping solution for careful shipping of your cargo. At Lantrax, we’re experienced in using flatbed for special projects and industrial hauling  for the oil, gas, hydroelectric and mining industries in Canada and the USA. Learn more about Lantrax Flatbed service.


Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

LTL is ideal for smaller shipments as well as cost-effective in freight transportation when you need to move less-than-truckload (LTL) via dry van and don’t want to pay the full 48- or 53-foot trailer truckload rate. Learn more about Lantrax LTL service.


Temperature Control

Perishables have no leeway during shipment. Ask one of our Lantrax Service Advisors on the best temperature-controlled shipping solutions when your cargo needs to be shipped at a consistent, controlled temperature. Learn more about Lantrax Tempertaure Control service.


Heavy Haul

Safety is always a going concern with every shipment we coordinate for businesses to get their products into the hands of their customers. A heavy haul, however, gets a little more attention given the specially-equipped trailers and the right trucks needed to ensure shipping your heavy haul follows all the safety regulations for public safety. Learn more about Lantrax Heavy Haul service.




Lantrax has access to all types of intermodal and domestic marine containers to effectively move large shipments economically using rail with truck service. Learn more about Lantrax Intermodal service.


Special Projects and Industrial Hauling

Have an unusual shipment going to what seems like an unmarked place on a map? Try us. We love a challenge. We’ve arranged cargo trucking to the USA from Canada and from the USA to Canada for almost every imaginable type of shipment there is and to more remote locations than we can publically share. Learn more about Lantrax Special Projects and Industrial Hauling service.


Put LANTRAX™ to work for you. Fill out our online form , email us  or call us today at 1-877-513-5876 to speak with one of our Service Advisors about the logistics best suited to your cargo.